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Christmas Stocking Bundle #1

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Various elements in the pattern are connected with no-sew (jump stitches), which involves multiple tie ons and tie offs. Don't forget to get the stocking instruction pdf file. Not available in roll paper patterns.

The patterns in this bundle can be purchased individually. This bundle contains the following items:
christmas stocking pano 0021 x christmas stocking pano 002 $15.00
Christmas stocking pano 0031 x Christmas stocking pano 003 $15.00
stocking 21 x stocking 2 $15.00
stocking 31 x stocking 3 $15.00
stocking 51 x stocking 5 $15.00
stocking 5 with cuff1 x stocking 5 with cuff $10.00
stocking baby 001 no cuff1 x stocking baby 001 no cuff $10.00
stocking blank 0011 x stocking blank 001 $10.00
stocking blank 0021 x stocking blank 002 $10.00
stocking fisherman1 x stocking fisherman $10.00
stocking hark angel1 x stocking hark angel $10.00
stocking hark angel no cuff1 x stocking hark angel no cuff $10.00
stocking manly 11 x stocking manly 1 $10.00
stocking manly 21 x stocking manly 2 $10.00
stocking manly 31 x stocking manly 3 $10.00
stocking manly 41 x stocking manly 4 $10.00
stocking manly 51 x stocking manly 5 $10.00
stocking manly 61 x stocking manly 6 $10.00
stocking manly 6 no cuff1 x stocking manly 6 no cuff $10.00
stocking ornament 0011 x stocking ornament 001 $10.00
stocking with reindeer1 x stocking with reindeer $10.00
stocking with reindeer no cuff1 x stocking with reindeer no cuff $10.00
stocking with santa1 x stocking with santa $10.00
stocking with sled1 x stocking with sled $10.00
stocking with sled no cuff1 x stocking with sled no cuff $10.00
stocking with snowflake and cuff1 x stocking with snowflake and cuff $10.00
stocking with snowflake no cuff1 x stocking with snowflake no cuff $10.00
stocking with snowman and cuff1 x stocking with snowman and cuff $10.00
stocking with snowman no cuff1 x stocking with snowman no cuff $10.00

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