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ABM - Innova

Our digital patterns work on an ABM Innova with an Encryption Dongle.

We will encrypt your patterns to your Innova Encryption Dongle. If you do not already have an encryption dongle, you can purchase one from an Innova dealer. If you wish to purchase online, you can purchase from these three dealer links:

As a Thank You for investing in the Innova equipment required for pattern encryption, email a copy of your paid encryption dongle receipt to us at and we will email you back with a gift code you can use on our web site and redeem it for $150.00 of full price patterns. This gift code must be redeemed all within a single order, cannot be used to purchase bundles, cannot be applied to previous orders, and cannot be used to pay for Crown Jewels Club membership.

After you receive your encryption dongle, you’ll need to follow Innova’s installation instructions and capture the encryption dongle code. (example: 00123ABM). When you set up an account on our web site, enter this code in the Controller # field.

If you do not actually have an ABM Innova machine AND an encryption dongle, do not set up your account with ABM Innova as your machine type. No matter what type of conversion software you may have, it will not open encrypted patterns. Encrypted patterns will only open on the machine to which they were encrypted.

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