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  • We have over 16000 digital patterns available for download.
  • Kim has been drawing digital quilting patterns since 1998.
    • She has a great deal of experience designing patterns which stitch out well.
    • She’s an established pattern designer. She’s not a here today gone tomorrow designer.
    • Kim is an award-winning quilter, with a creative soul.
    • Kim doesn’t just design patterns, she quilts with these patterns. She understands the issues inherent in fluid fabric and shrinkage.
  • Kim draws all digital patterns using 3 point arcs rather than with polylines.
    • Why should that matter to you? Here’s an example. If you enlarge a digital pattern of a circle which was drawn with polylines, as it gets larger, it will begin to look like a stop sign. Drawn with 3 point arcs, the design will remain a smooth circle.
  • Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio has responsive customer service. We can be reached by email, telephone, fax, Facebook, and text. Whether you need a brandnew pattern created, an existing pattern modified for your particular situation, or need some assistance with how to do something, we are available.
  • We maintain office hours (Monday through Friday, 8am to 5:00pm CDT), but we still answer our voice mail messages, emails, etc. We understand that many longarm quilters do their customer quilting in the evenings, weekends, and holidays and so we make ourselves available.
  • Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio has an unprecedented pattern club (The Crown Jewels Club). No other pattern designer sells 100+ digital patterns for $50.00 month.


"THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I can't thank you enough! I'm thrilled to have availability to these patterns back in my IQ library. Your patterns are very popular with my customers! You certainly have provided superb customer service, I am delighted!! Thank you again! Have a perfectly wonderful day!" - Samplerfarm Quilts

"Thank you! Best customer service ever! I appreciate your time and quick response." - Lisa

"I am currently stitching out churn dash 1. I pulled out the corner points a bit more so that they touched at the intersections. It is the perfect density, and stitches out beautifully. The quilt will be lovely. Please let Kim know how much I like it." - Miriam March