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Clamshell Quilt Bundle

Product Description and Tags

Clamshell Quilt: Don't forget to download the instructional pdf. You can copy/paste the url below into the address bar of your internet browser, or you can go to the Instructions and Guides link at the bottom of the home page.

The patterns in this bundle can be purchased individually. This bundle contains the following items:
clamshell blank1 x clamshell blank $10.00
clamshell bunny1 x clamshell bunny $10.00
clamshell bunny 11 x clamshell bunny 1 $10.00
clamshell cat1 x clamshell cat $10.00
clamshell cat 11 x clamshell cat 1 $10.00
clamshell chicken1 x clamshell chicken $10.00
clamshell chicken 11 x clamshell chicken 1 $10.00
clamshell cow1 x clamshell cow $10.00
clamshell cow 11 x clamshell cow 1 $10.00
clamshell dog1 x clamshell dog $10.00
clamshell dog 11 x clamshell dog 1 $10.00
clamshell duck1 x clamshell duck $10.00
clamshell duck 11 x clamshell duck 1 $10.00
clamshell fish 11 x clamshell fish 1 $10.00
clamshell flamingo 11 x clamshell flamingo 1 $10.00
clamshell koala1 x clamshell koala $10.00
clamshell koala 11 x clamshell koala 1 $10.00
clamshell monkey 11 x clamshell monkey 1 $10.00
clamshell mouse1 x clamshell mouse $10.00
clamshell mouse 11 x clamshell mouse 1 $10.00
clamshell owl 11 x clamshell owl 1 $10.00
clamshell penguin 11 x clamshell penguin 1 $10.00
clamshell pig1 x clamshell pig $10.00
clamshell pig 11 x clamshell pig 1 $10.00
clamshell snake 11 x clamshell snake 1 $10.00
clamshell w quilting1 x clamshell w quilting $10.00
clamshell w quilting no applique1 x clamshell w quilting no applique $10.00

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