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Flower Spice Bundle

Product Description and Tags

Not available in roll paper patterns.

The patterns in this bundle can be purchased individually. This bundle contains the following items:
flower spice 3 pano1 x flower spice 3 pano $15.00
flower spice block 11 x flower spice block 1 $10.00
flower spice block 1 half1 x flower spice block 1 half $10.00
flower spice block 21 x flower spice block 2 $10.00
flower spice block 2 half1 x flower spice block 2 half $10.00
flower spice block 31 x flower spice block 3 $10.00
flower spice block 3 half1 x flower spice block 3 half $10.00
flower spice block 41 x flower spice block 4 $10.00
flower spice block 4 center1 x flower spice block 4 center $10.00
flower spice block 4 half1 x flower spice block 4 half $10.00
flower spice border 11 x flower spice border 1 $10.00
flower spice border 21 x flower spice border 2 $10.00
flower spice border corner1 x flower spice border corner $10.00
flower spice border corner 1a1 x flower spice border corner 1a $10.00
flower spice cheveron1 x flower spice cheveron $10.00
flower spice fan1 x flower spice fan $10.00
flower spice p2p sash1 x flower spice p2p sash $10.00
flower spice pano sq1 x flower spice pano sq $15.00
flower spice sash 11 x flower spice sash 1 $10.00
flower spice sblk1 x flower spice sblk $10.00
flower spice triangle1 x flower spice triangle $10.00
flower spice triangle 11 x flower spice triangle 1 $10.00

Product Attributes

Specific Quilts:
Flower Spice

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