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We will encrypt your digital patterns to your CompuQuilter controller number. To locate this number, power on your entire CQ system. Open your CQ software. Click on Help. Click on About. The controller number is a 4-digit number.

When you set up an account on our web site, Select CompuQuilter as your machine type and enter this 4 digit number in the Controller # field.

Auto-Encryption and download is not available for CompuQuilter orders. We monitor our orders frequently, and normally email CompuQuilter orders within one hour of the order time stamp (during normal business hours, which are Monday – Friday, 8am to 5:00pm Central Time).

If you do not actually have a CompuQuilter machine, do not set up your account with CompuQuilter as your machine type. No matter what type of conversion software you may have, it will not open encrypted patterns. Encrypted patterns will only open on the machine to which they were encrypted.

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