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Fancy Stitches

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Crazy Quilt Stitched

The patterns in this bundle can be purchased individually. This bundle contains the following items:
p2p fancy stitch 411 x p2p fancy stitch 41 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch 421 x p2p fancy stitch 42 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch 431 x p2p fancy stitch 43 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch 441 x p2p fancy stitch 44 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch 451 x p2p fancy stitch 45 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch 461 x p2p fancy stitch 46 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch 471 x p2p fancy stitch 47 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch 481 x p2p fancy stitch 48 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch 491 x p2p fancy stitch 49 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch11 x p2p fancy stitch1 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch101 x p2p fancy stitch10 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch111 x p2p fancy stitch11 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch121 x p2p fancy stitch12 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch131 x p2p fancy stitch13 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch141 x p2p fancy stitch14 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch151 x p2p fancy stitch15 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch161 x p2p fancy stitch16 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch171 x p2p fancy stitch17 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch181 x p2p fancy stitch18 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch191 x p2p fancy stitch19 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch21 x p2p fancy stitch2 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch201 x p2p fancy stitch20 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch211 x p2p fancy stitch21 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch221 x p2p fancy stitch22 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch231 x p2p fancy stitch23 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch241 x p2p fancy stitch24 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch251 x p2p fancy stitch25 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch261 x p2p fancy stitch26 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch271 x p2p fancy stitch27 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch281 x p2p fancy stitch28 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch291 x p2p fancy stitch29 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch31 x p2p fancy stitch3 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch301 x p2p fancy stitch30 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch311 x p2p fancy stitch31 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch321 x p2p fancy stitch32 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch331 x p2p fancy stitch33 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch341 x p2p fancy stitch34 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch41 x p2p fancy stitch4 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch51 x p2p fancy stitch5 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch61 x p2p fancy stitch6 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch71 x p2p fancy stitch7 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch81 x p2p fancy stitch8 $10.00
p2p fancy stitch91 x p2p fancy stitch9 $10.00

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