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Georgettes Legacy Crib Quilt

Product Description and Tags

Instructions available by clicking on the "Instructions and Guides" link on the Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio web site home page. At the default size of 40 x 50, longarm quilters will need to be able to quilt 20" in one pass. Various elements in the pattern are connected with no-sew (jump stitches), which involves multiple tie ons and tie offs. Not available in roll paper patterns.

The patterns in this bundle can be purchased individually. This bundle contains the following items:
glcq center cat1 x glcq center cat $10.00
glcq center flowers1 x glcq center flowers $10.00
glcq center grid 11 x glcq center grid 1 $10.00
glcq center grid 21 x glcq center grid 2 $10.00
glcq center horse 11 x glcq center horse 1 $10.00
glcq center pirate 11 x glcq center pirate 1 $10.00
glcq center pirate 21 x glcq center pirate 2 $10.00
glcq center princess 11 x glcq center princess 1 $10.00
glcq center rabbit1 x glcq center rabbit $10.00
glcq center sailboats1 x glcq center sailboats $10.00
glcq center sock monkey 11 x glcq center sock monkey 1 $10.00
glcq center tree 0011 x glcq center tree 001 $10.00
glcq center tree 11 x glcq center tree 1 $10.00
glcq center tree 21 x glcq center tree 2 $10.00
glcq center unicorn1 x glcq center unicorn $10.00
glcq center wave 11 x glcq center wave 1 $10.00
glcq pass 11 x glcq pass 1 $10.00
glcq pass 1 w crown1 x glcq pass 1 w crown $10.00
glcq pass 21 x glcq pass 2 $10.00
glcq pass 2 w crown1 x glcq pass 2 w crown $10.00

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