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Quilt the top border first. Quilt the body of the quilt with the "Wavy Pano SA 005" Size the wavy pano sa 005 so that the dips in the pattern are up off the body of the quilt and trim (mask) away the part of the pattern which extends off into the quilt borders (top, bottom). Quilt the bottom border. Turn the quilt. Quilt the left border and then the right border. Pay attention to the border orientation in juxtaposition to the direction you turned the quilt.

The patterns in this bundle can be purchased individually. This bundle contains the following items:
missy bottom border1 x missy bottom border $10.00
missy left border1 x missy left border $10.00
missy right border1 x missy right border $10.00
missy top border1 x missy top border $10.00
wavy pano sa 005 medium1 x wavy pano sa 005 medium $15.00
wavy pano sa 005 small1 x wavy pano sa 005 small $15.00
wavy pano sa 005 xsmall1 x wavy pano sa 005 xsmall $15.00

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Specific Designers:
Kari Nichols
Specific Quilts:
Honor Quilt

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