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Needle Keep Bundle I

Product Description and Tags

The patterns in this bundle can be purchased individually. This bundle contains the following items:
acorn needle case inside1 x acorn needle case inside $10.00
acorn needle case outside1 x acorn needle case outside $10.00
apple needle case1 x apple needle case $10.00
apple needle case inside1 x apple needle case inside $10.00
apple needle case sp1 x apple needle case sp $10.00
bee needle case inside1 x bee needle case inside $10.00
bee needle case outside1 x bee needle case outside $10.00
bunny needle case inside1 x bunny needle case inside $10.00
bunny needle case outside1 x bunny needle case outside $10.00
cat needle case1 x cat needle case $10.00
cat needle case inside1 x cat needle case inside $10.00
chick needle case inside1 x chick needle case inside $10.00
chick needlecase1 x chick needlecase $10.00
chicken needlecase1 x chicken needlecase $10.00
chicken needlecase inside1 x chicken needlecase inside $10.00
needlecase daisy inside1 x needlecase daisy inside $10.00
needlecase daisy outside1 x needlecase daisy outside $10.00
needlecase deer inside1 x needlecase deer inside $10.00
needlecase deer outside1 x needlecase deer outside $10.00
needlecase scottie inside1 x needlecase scottie inside $10.00
needlecase scottie outside1 x needlecase scottie outside $10.00
nest needle case inside1 x nest needle case inside $10.00
nest needle case outside1 x nest needle case outside $10.00
pig needle case inside 11 x pig needle case inside 1 $10.00
pig needle case inside 21 x pig needle case inside 2 $10.00
pig needle case outside1 x pig needle case outside $10.00

Product Attributes

Needle Cases

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